So Herbalicious

herb garden

I love the idea of having fresh herbs around. I also love pretending that I’m on Food Network. See how these two go hand-in-hand?

After two failed attempts at growing basil, I finally found herb success last summer. But then I didn’t try to bring any of them in for the winter. So I had to start over again this year. That’s okay, though, because I learned my lesson with mint (DO NOT plant it anywhere, unless you want it to be EVERYWHERE. It will take over any size container, or probably yard, you plant it in). So I made more careful decisions for this year’s herb garden.

I’ve already started reaping the benefits: zesty cilantro sprinkled into my favorite mexican dishes and fresh caprese salads with basil (and soon-to-be homegrown tomatoes. I have ambitions of making my own tomato sauce, so I selected the oregano with that in mind. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the lemon thyme, but at least it smells good!

What are your favorite herbs to eat/grow? Have you killed basil plants, too?

3 thoughts on “So Herbalicious

  1. Beth & Bill @ B & B Build A Life

    Oh yes, the MINT-MONSTER! My parents planted some in a side garden decades ago and there are STILL clouds of mint growing there. They’ll never get rid of it! But it is tasty in lemonade so I don’t complain! 🙂 Love the look of the herbs together in one pot! It kinda takes on it’s own world – or it’s own story that way.
    We’re restricted with no outdoor space of our own and tiny windows, so the pots we used are much smaller (sharing later this week or next week!).

    1. twopurplecouches

      Ooh, I’ll have to put some mint sprigs in my lemonade… I did try to make my own mojitos last year just so I’d use it! I can’t wait to see your herb pots!

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