DIY Plant Stand Makeover

diy plant stand makeover

I bought this small table a few years ago. It was meant to be used for drinks and such, but it’s just so small that it makes a much better plant stand. Well, I left it out on our patio over the winter, and this happened:

chipped tile table


At first, I thought I’d chip out the tile and replace it with a more colorful sheet of the mosaic stuff you find at the hardware stores. Then I realized what a horrendous project that would be. So, I switched to how to cover the problem 😉

Then I remembered the scrap-paper covered coasters I made last year. Mod Podge is a miracle worker, right?


So, I dug out the same items I’d used in the coaster project, selected a piece of scrapbook paper, and got to work!

Like. New.

diy plant stand makeover

diy plant stand makeover

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