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Hello friends! I just wanted to pop in and remind you that today is Small Business Saturday, and to encourage you to get out and support the local shops, restaurants, cafes, and independent business owners you love.

I’m making a very concerted effort this year to only do my holiday shopping through local businesses and my favorite independent artists (both locally and through their online shops). I’ve always had a deep admiration for those who throw caution to the wind and pursue their passions, whether it be creating beautiful art, or opening the coffee shop of their dreams.

This is the main reason I became an Umbassador for Umba—so I could share the passions and talents of artisans and craftsmen with everyone I know.

And Umba’s helping everyone get into the gifting spirit by offering special savings on some of of our seasonal favorites. Today through December 2nd, you can not only discover beautiful handmade items, you can save on them, too! We’re offering 15% off on our favorite hand-knit cozies, like scarves, hats, and arm warmers. These make wonderful gifts for your mom, sister, cousin, aunt, BFF and, really anyone on your list!

Head over to Umba, stuff your stocking (err, shopping cart), and enter code GETCOZY at checkout to save 15%! Plus, Umba offers flat rate shipping, so you’ll get your whole order shipped for just $6.95!

Umba Get Cozy savings


Disclosure: As an Umbassador, I do earn a 20% commission on all purchases made through I am very passionate about supporting the handmade community, and all opinions expressed here are my own. I wouldn’t share a product, artist or brand I don’t believe in. 

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