Sewing 101: Types of Sewing Machine Feet

Sewing 101: Types of sewing machine feet. via

I sure hope I’m not alone when I say that I’m a very novice seamstress. That’s even a generous statement. My skills are seriously lacking. My mother, however, is a master (don’t laugh, Mom. You’re extremely talented!), and it’s high time I learn from the best. Especially considering how generous she has been in recently giving me her old machine. My usual just-dive-in approach is no different when it comes to sewing, but I know I need to take a step back and learn some of the basics before I go nuts sewing up a storm.

And if figured, maybe you’re starting with the basics, too, and we could learn them together! So I’m kicking off a little Sewing 101 primer with my first lesson: different types of sewing machine feet and how to use them.

This lesson came about last week while Mom was helping me start a Christmas-related sewing project. Spoiler alert: I’m sewing a set of throw pillow covers and I was struggling a bit with the fabric bunching up. Mom suggested I change the machine foot, which prompted a little lesson on common types of sewing machine feet. While my machine, a Janome, came with several different types of feet, these are the three Mom thinks I will use the most:

Sewing machine feet for various uses. via

Walking Foot: This foot is larger and wider, making it perfect for keeping thick fabrics, such as sweatshirt material, tee shirt material and felt, in line. It’s also good to use when you’re trying to match up certain prints or patterns, such as plaids.

Zigzag Foot: This is the standard “all-purpose” foot for straight and zigzag stitching, and the one you’ll probably use most often.

Clear Foot: – This foot functions very similarly to the Zigzag foot, but the fact that it’s clear is a nice bonus. Depending on what you’re stitching, or if you’re doing an applique technique, this foot makes it easier to see where you’re going!

Sewing Machine feet for different uses via


Now, I know there are plenty of other sewing machine feet options, but for today’s Sewing 101 lesson, we’re going to stop here. I’m more of a learn-as-you-go kind of gal, so when the time comes that I need to figure out what those other feet do, I’ll be sure to pass the info along! But for now, I think I’ve got enough info to be considered armed and dangerous with a sewing machine.

Watch out, throw pillows. I’m coming’ for ya! (wink, wink)

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