Seeing Spots

I asked, you voted!

Last Friday, I posted this pic to my Facebook page with a poll question: go gold all over, or go gold polka dots on this letter “K” monogram?

letter K, wooden letter, letter monogram

And the winner, taking the lead by just a handful of votes was…

polka-dotted letter, letter K

Polka Dots!

This gold polka dotted monogram letter “K” will soon be living on my entryway console along with this pretty print I just picked up from Emilie Marian Designs.

Want to make your own polka dotted letter? It’s super easy: just grab a wooden letter (kraft paper or paper board would probably work just as well), some paint pens, and a few things to trace for the circles.

crafting supplies

Unless your great at free-handing circles. I’m not. I’d have a polka-blobby K if I’d free-handed these. I used a bottle cap and a dime.

tracing circles tracing small circles

Then color in your circles. I chose to use my gold Pen-Touch paint pen.

This is probably about a 10-20 minute craft, depending on how many times your dog cries “wolf” to go outside.

What’s on your crafting to-do list for the weekend?

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