More Royal Progress

I bet you thought with all this post-Haven excitement, inspiration and head-swirling, that I’d forgotten about our projects around the house? Nope! Not at all!

A few weeks ago, I shared the beginnings of our custom crown moulding project in the dining room:

crown moulding install

And I’m very happy to report that ALL of the moulding is now up!

custom crown moulding

Would you look at that?!?! Not bad, eh?

Well, don’t look too closely because the ceiling may have gotten scuffed during the install process.

moulding and ceiling

We still need to caulk and add another coat of paint, but I think it’s already adding plenty of character to the room. I’m really happy with how our custom baseboard + crown piece combination turned out.

If I were to guess what percentage complete the dining room is now, I’d say about 10%. Here’s what’s still on our to-do list for the dining room:

– Caulk and paint moulding

– Add wainscoting to the walls

– Paint the walls (probably something neutral, maybe a misty grey-blue?)

– Buy a dining room set (!), or at least a table and chairs. Not sure if we’ll have room for a sideboard.

– Add accessories

That’s not too overwhelming, right? I think we’ll be able to make it through the first three points by the end of the year. And maybe if we play our cards right, Santa will bring us a dining set come Christmas time. Gosh, nothing says “adulthood” like buying  yourself furniture and appliances as holiday gifts.

Which room is on your year-end goal list?

7 thoughts on “More Royal Progress

  1. Kim (TheKimSixFix)

    I’m all fired up to finish my crown molding projects since I got back from Haven. Now I just need an extra few hours in the day. Seeing how great yours turned out, makes me want to do it even MORE now!

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