Purple Hearts Yellow

Remember the fabric sneak peek I posted a few weeks ago?

And the new placemats I recently made?

Well, I finally finished my latest yellow creations!

The two 16″ x 16″ pillows on each end are Premier Prints Chipper Slub in Corn Yellow; the two 12″ x 16″ pillows in the center are Premier Prints ZigZag Slub in yellow/white. I found both of these fabrics, plus the Premier Prints Suzani Slub in yellow/white that I used for the placemats, at Fabric.com.

And finally, the whole family together:

I love the spunky, modern cheerfulness of these prints. And I’m loving the bold statement they make in our family room!

4 thoughts on “Purple Hearts Yellow

  1. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

    Okay, so apparently do DO have two purple couches! The yellow is fantastic against it!

    I really like the texture of a slubby linen. (I think the Restoration Hardware catalogue has eaten my brain.) I’m impressed you ordered fabric online. Whenever I’ve considered that, I’ve been worried I wouldn’t like it in person.
    Everything looks great!!

    1. twopurplecouches

      I do have two purple couches, haha!
      Thanks! I am loving the yellow as well. It was a gamble ordering fabric online, but I think I lucked out b/c I had spotted pillows for sale on Etsy in these exact fabrics. So I had an idea of what it might look like in person and on a pillow form.

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