Pardon Our Dust

While I have grandiose visions for my home, which I plan to detail here, I also have grandiose visions for this blog. So please, bear with me as I muddle my way through the technical side of things, and as I try on new templates, color-palettes, font styles, etc. Thankfully, I am married to a very savvy web developer, so my visions actually have a chance of coming to fruition. But that also means I’m reliant on my husband to get the ball rolling 😉

In the meantime, let’s get to the good stuff – the house!

I’ll start with a bit of background: in the summer of 2011, my husband and I made a huge leap of faith, signing a contract with a builder for a brand new home (without having sold the condo we were living in – yikes!). In the weeks and months that followed, we busied ourselves with choosing a lot, deciding on a floorplan, and selecting the finishes that would go into our home. And, a week before Christmas in 2011, we moved into our home. There’s something really cool about seeing your home come together, brick by brick (literally!). And when the last box came through the front door, it was not only a huge feeling of relief, but a huge feeling of satisfaction that we were finally here!