A Welcome Wreath

While we were waiting on some landscaping and grass to fill in our front yard, I thought a springy wreath on the front door would add some cheer to our otherwise brown landscape (brown brick, brown shutters, brown door… you get the picture). 

I found this little bit of inspiration via Pinterest:


While I really liked this color combo, I wanted a bit more pop to stand out on our brown door, and be noticeable from the street/driveway. Here’s my finished product:


One of my favorite features of the inspiration wreath was the addition of the house numbers. I made a valiant effort at locating numbers in my local Michael’s Crafts store, but I could only find teeny tiny numbers or monstrosities that would never have fit on one wreath (and I didn’t have enough patience to check out every craft and hardware store in town). I have no skills at bow-making, so I didn’t even attempt that part. Instead, I improvised with the burlap wrap. 

Apologies for the lack of step-by-step photos – I made this a number of weeks ago, before I had fully committed to my blog. But I can tell you what steps I took:

– First, decide where you want to hang your wreath, and which part you want to be at the top. I put a twisty-tie around the “top” of mine, so I could center the flowers on the left-hand side while I was working. 

– Choose a wreath base. I went with a grapevine wreath for a more natural look and feel. I believe the diameter was 18″, but choose a size that fits the scale of the space you’re filling. 

– Select the flowers/accessories. I chose pink & yellow for a fun pop of Spring-inspired color. The yellow flowers are hydrangeas, and I think the pink flowers are peonies, but I’m not 100% sure. (And I don’t feel like hunting down my receipt at this moment).

– Lay out all of your materials to play with before attaching & glueing them down to the wreath form. I decided to wrap the burlap around the wreath to create a sturdier base to hot-glue the flowers to. Then I arranged the flowers so the petals would overlap a bit. I cut holes in the burlap, where needed, coated the flower stem in hot glue, and stuck ’em in! I had floral wire on hand, but ended up not needed to use it. 

– The leaves were added last, as they were a great solution for filling in gaps and holes where the petals didn’t overlap as much as I had planned 🙂

And, ta-da! Wreath! All that’s left is to hang it up and enjoy! Have you tried any springy or summery DIY/Crafts projects? 


Similar materials can be found online here:

Grapevine wreath via Amazon / Hydrangea stems via Michaels / Peony stems via Michaels / Spool of burlap via Amazon / Wreath hanger via Amazon

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