One Small Favor

Friends, I have some exciting news, as well as a small favor to ask of you in today’s post.

And I hope you won’t mind me asking, because it truly comes from the heart.

I’ve shared on here about my recent adventure joining the VRAI Magazine team. Our mission is to tell genuine stories that impact and add value to our lives in real and meaningful ways. And our team has worked tirelessly to bring this mission to life in every aspect of the magazine.

But we have another vision that pushes our mission even further.

VRAI Magazine will be launching an actual digital magazine edition scheduled to come out this holiday season!!

When I graduated from college, I thought I’d wind up a magazine editor. While my career took a different path, this dream has always been in the back of my head. And to take it one step further, when I began blogging, I dreamed of one day writing for a magazine. The opportunity to join the VRAI Magazine team was a dream come true. And now the opportunity to create an actual digital magazine is icing on the cake!

This is also where that favor I mentioned comes in. Our team is still working just as hard to create this digital magazine, but we need help getting this project off the ground. We have launched a Kickstarter to help raise the funds needed to move this project forward.

If you would like to read more about our vision for VRAI Magazine and contribute to this effort, please click here

And even if you cannot contribute, could you share this message with your friends, family and social media followers? Every little bit helps, and myself and whole VRAI Magazine team will be forever grateful!

Please watch the video above to hear from all of the VRAI Magazine team members, including myself. That’s right, folks, you get me on video! Enjoy it, this may be the only time 😉