Memories & Mementos: Our Christmas Tree

Ornament Collage - Two Purple Couches

Being a blogger at Christmastime is an interesting thing. Everywhere you turn, there are swags upon swags of fresh greenery, glittering mantels, and tons of uniquely decorated trees. I’ve honestly struggled a bit this holiday. I want so badly to deck my halls from floor to ceiling in some grand vision I see in my head. But then, there are some Christmas decorations I can’t bear NOT to put out, even for just one year. Our tree ornaments fall into this latter category.

The first Christmas that Tom and I were married, our parents gave us all the ornaments they’d collected for us over the years. For Tom, this meant Hallmark keepsake collectibles, and symbols of his favorite sports and sports teams. For me, this meant salt-dough ornaments, hand-made santas, and ornaments commemorating special events or memories.

In the years since our wedding, we’ve received a few “Our First Christmas” and “Our First Home” ornaments, and we’ve started our own collection of ornaments, many of which commemorate a special trip or event from our year. Even our tree skirt is special—my mom and I selected the fabric together, and she sewed it for us.


These are many of the things I can’t bear NOT to put out. Going through our ornaments each year is like a flipping through a photo album, remembering family jokes, special moments, and trips we’ve taken together. So, what I’m saying is, while our tree may not fit a special “theme” from year to year, it will always fit US.

2013 Christmas Tree - Two Purple Couches

Do you have a favorite memento that you pull out at the holidays? What is it, and why does it hold special meaning for you?

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