Make your own Magnetic Knob Jewelry Display using IKEA Enudden Knobs. via

IKEA Enudden Magnetic Knob Jewelry Display

Make your own Magnetic Knob Jewelry Display using IKEA Enudden Knobs. via

Some might call me a jewelry enthusiast, possibly even a jewelry hoarder. However you want to define it, I love jewelry. And I love displaying it in easy-to-reach ways, like on this jewelry organizer that I made a couple of years ago. But let’s be honest, seeing as my collection is always growing, I need multiple solutions. Because downsizing my jewelry collection is clearly not the answer here (wink).

As soon as we hung this giant metal ampersand on one of our bedroom walls, I knew it would make a perfect spot for a jewelry display for some of my favorite necklaces and bracelets. I just needed a few magnetic hooks and I’d be good to go. Well apparently, magnetic hooks aren’t as easy to come by as I originally believed, and instead of searching high and low, I opted for the if-you-can’t-find-it-make-it solution.

IKEA Enudden Magnetic Knob Jewelry Display via

When I came across these metal Enudden knobs on a recent trip to IKEA (for $1.99 for 2!), I knew I’d found my jewelry display solution. The ends are large enough where necklaces won’t slide off and they’re deep enough to hold multiple pieces. A perfect combo!

While the white metal finish is fine, I wanted to jazz them up a bit, of course. I turned to my trusty stash of washi tape and got to work. After sampling a few different colors, I landed on a purpley-pink (shocking, I know) and got to work.

Great Tip: Dress up plain white knobs with some washi tape!  via

I thought a few different looks would be nice, so I just played around with a stripe or two of washi tape, some alone and some overlapping to create a V shape.

Attach magnets to the backs of IKEA Enudden knobs. via

I used these included backing thingamabobs so I’d have a solid surface to hot glue the magnets to. If you’re wondering, yes, the magnets attach themselves to the metal knobs without question, but I thought a few dabs of hot glue couldn’t hurt. I want these to be sturdy enough to stay put!

Turn metal wall decor into a functional jewelry display using metal Enudden knobs from IKEA! via

So far, so good! And I love that the washi tape is removable, in case I ever change my mind or want to switch up the tape color or pattern. I love things that can evolve with my style!

Perfect for space-saving! Turn metal wall decor into a spot to display your favorite jewelry! via

Unique way to display your jewelry on your bedroom wall using metal wall decor and knobs. via

You may also notice that this corner nook of our bedroom is slowly taking shape. We’ve been adding pieces bit by bit since the beginning of the year—first the chair, then the ampersand and side table. I’m hoping to wrap up the rest of the room with artwork and some extra storage before the end of this year. But I’m not going to make any promises! There is no such thing as a quick makeover in the Kennedy house (wink)!

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