Love this beautiful "Happy Fall" Chalkboard Sign! How perfect would this look on the front door!? via

Happy Fall Chalkboard Sign

Learn how to create your own simple yet festive Fall Chalkboard Sign! via

I’ve been spending time this week “Fall-ifying” our home. While I haven’t gone full throttle yet on mums and pumpkins for the front porch, I wanted to add a touch of the season to our front door. So I made up this “Happy Fall” Chalkboard Sign to tide things over until I’m ready for full-on Fall wreaths and outdoor decor.

To make my “Happy Fall” Chalkboard Sign, I updated this chalkboard “Welcome” sign with a new message and some Fall accents. 

I started by erasing the old “Welcome” message. Which was actually quite a process. Turns out the chalk marker I used is pretty stubborn! But after some tip hunting, I found this idea to try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser—and it worked! Whew! I was a little worried that I’d have to abandon my Fall chalkboard sign idea. (the photo below is after I used the Magic Eraser; you can still see a bit of the original lettering, but it’s much cleaner than it had been moments before)


Before I apply chalk to board, I look at Pinterest and Etsy for lettering inspiration. I found some really adorable Fall sign ideas, but since this board isn’t huge, I opted to keep the message simple. And I practiced the style of letters in my sketchbook a few times so I had a feel for what I was doing.

I used real chalk to draw each letter and get the spacing the way I wanted it.


Then I went back over the chalk lines with my chalk marker to set them and add the calligraphy-esque details.


To finish off my “Happy Fall” Chalkboard Sign, I added a small wood pumpkin shape that I used in last year’s Thanksgiving tablescape and twisted a couple of purple faux flower stems around the twine.

Details of "Happy Fall" Chalkboard Sign. via

And now this sign is all ready to be displayed on our front door! Happy Fall!

Love this beautiful "Happy Fall" Chalkboard Sign! How perfect would this look on the front door!? via


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      I bet you can create some beautiful chalkboard signs! The best thing about chalk is that it is forgiving and you can erase until you get the letters and spacing just how you like them 😉

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