How to make a DIY Fruit Slice Pouf with a Fairfield Tuffet Kit. Fun and on-trend home decor idea. Sponsored.

DIY Fruit Slice Pouf

This DIY fruit slice pouf is sure to make a splash in your home decor this summer! This fun and colorful ottoman is sure to add a touch of whimsy to any room or space.

How to make a DIY Fruit Slice Pouf. Fun and on-trend home decor idea. Sponsored.

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How cute is this fruit slice pouf?? I’ve had this idea swimming around in my head for months and I am thrilled that it came to fruition (pun intended!) and turned out as I was hoping it would! Keep reading to see just how I made it…

I am one of those people who doesn’t believe in taking yourself too seriously. I apply the same philosophy to my home decor – if you can’t have a little fun and incorporate accents that make you laugh or chuckle, what’s the point? It’s your home, have fun with it! And if that means creating an ottoman modeled after citrus fruits, I say go for it!

I’ve been drawn to the fruit slice trend for a while now. In fact I made these cute watercolor fruit bookmarks last summer. I think the fruit slice trend is perfect for summer. It’s bright and colorful and light-hearted. This fruit slice pouf is a fun and simple way to change up your home decor for the season.

As part of the Fairfield World Design Team, I had the opportunity to try out their Tuffet Kit. As soon as I pulled the foam round out of the box, my mind went to a fruit slice. Now let me show you exactly how I made my fruit slice pouf.

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How to Make a DIY Fruit Slice Pouf

Materials Needed:


How to make a fruit slice pouf from a Fairfield tuffet kit

1.) Begin by washing your fabric according to the label to remove any sizing. Then follow the step-by-step instructions included in the Tuffet Kit to cut and stitch together each section for the pouf cover.

2.) Staple the batting and pouf cover to the plywood as instructed in Steps 6-8 and pause here.

3.) If desired, paint furniture legs and allow to dry. (I used DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Everlasting). Once dry, attach to the plywood bottom using the straight top plates.

4.) Mix white and orange acrylic paints until you have a slightly peachy color. Add in drops of fabric medium according to bottle instructions. Using a small paintbrush, paint on the outer rind and section dividers of each orange slice. If you prefer to, you can make a template or stencil for this step. Allow to dry completely.

5.) To finish off the center of the pouf, hot glue leftover batting to a 2-inch button. Trim away any excess, then cover with a scrap of orange fabric and secure with hot glue. Paint it to match the rind, then attach it to the pouf cover using hot glue.

DIY Fruit Slice Pouf / How cute is this!? This fun, trendy and colorful ottoman is sure to make a splash in your home decor this summer!

Adorable DIY Fruit Slice Pouf - cute ottoman or tuffet home decor idea for summer.

Check out this cute Fruit Slice Pouf! Such a fun summer DIY for your home! DIY ottoman project

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