Great Idea! Organize your bathroom closet and cabinets with bins and drawers. Keeps everything nice and tidy! via

Bathroom Closet Storage: Put A Bin In It

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I love bins. Especially in closets and pantries. Tom thinks I go a little overboard, but I know tht they’re major organizational helpers. Seriously, a bin will solve 99.9% of all organizing problems and make any space look tidier. Case in point: bathroom closet storage. Bada-bin-bada-boom. (see what I did there??) Neat and tidy! And the rule behind it is simple: a place for everything, and everything in its place. Or bin, as the case may be…

I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any “before” pictures of this bathroom closet. Though you can probably imagine it for yourself: bottles of hair spray and styling products strewn about with brushes, a hair dryer, boxes of bandaid and pain relievers piled up on the shelves… the list goes on. And of course, none of those bottles or boxes would stand upright because of the open shelving.

This bin system isn’t new. Our bathroom closet has actually been organized this way for years. Our bathroom closet storage was one of the first projects I undertook in the months after we moved into our home, months before this lil’ old blog was born!

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But this has become such a fail-proof system for us, I wanted to share it with you.

So, what mysteries do each of these bins hold? Well, aside from items like toilet paper, tissue boxes and paper towels, which are usually stacked on the shelves or in the brown tote, I’ve created designated bins (sans labels) for Tom and I and our toiletries. I store the items I use daily, like my hair dryer, styling products, hairspray and brushes, in easy-to-reach bins.

Bins are a great way to keep all those hair and body products organized! Even fits a hairdryer! via

Other open bins hold extras like contact solution, razors, shaving gel, tooth brushes and toothpaste. We use one of the drawers for first aid items and medicines. A set of small drawers on the floor holds all our travel-sized items, divided up by shampoos and conditioners, body washes, lotions and toothpaste.

Simple way to organize any closet - use bins and drawers to stash hair brushes, styling products, first aid items and more. via

Overall, the system works pretty well for us, and we’ve still got plenty of space in this closet for random things like an extra shower head and a medical cone for Molly! Ha!

Great Idea! Organize your bathroom closet and cabinets with bins and drawers. Keeps everything nice and tidy! via

It may strike you as strange that we don’t store any towels in this closet. I keep those in our hallway linen closet, which I organized last year (another system that is working super well!).

Are you a professed bin-lover like me?

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