Weekly Wishlist: Quirky Quartz

A few weeks ago, I came upon some really unique accessories via Bliss Home and Design, an interior design and furnishing store. As impatient as I am to just get stuff done when it comes to furnishing and decorating our home,  I am also perfectly willing to hunt high and low to find the perfect accessory that I cannot live without. As a kid, I never wanted to go home for dinner or bedtime because I was so afraid I’d miss out on something. I think that same feeling creeps over me when I’m working on a home project. I don’t want to overlook the perfect accessory because I was too impatient to check this store or that website.

So, when I saw these beauties from their Mineral Collection, I knew that I’d be willing to shell out some bucks just to be able to plant one of these on top of a console table, bookshelf or mantle. Hubba, hubba. (sorry, no idea where that came from!)

In true Emily fashion, I haven’t committed to one just yet, because I’m holding out for the right mineral, at the right time, for the right room 🙂

What’s on your Wishlist this week?