Weekend Recap: Crafty Supermarket Success!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. The weather here in Cincinnati was pretty awesome (again). Not as warm as last weekend, but still full of sunshine and lightweight-jacket temps. These things make it so much easier to deal with the fact that it’s pitch-black outside by 5:30 p.m. Anywho, I had eagerly been awaiting this weekend for the Crafty Supermarket, an “indie craft show” featuring such awesomeness as is often found on Etsy or Pinterest. This was my first time, but it definitely won’t be my last. I snagged some awesome jewelry and paper goods by local/independent artists. Sorry for the grainy photos; I took them at night, with my phone.


1. chandelier crystal + bullet casing necklace by lily in flux / 2. earrings and 3. necklace by audreylaine collection / 4. gift tags and 2013 desk calendar (not pictured) by pinwheel print shop.

Did you go to the Crafty Supermarket? Or to another local crafty event of your choosing? Did you get a head start on your holiday shopping, unlike me?

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