I’ve been eagerly watching the progress of our veggie garden, and just in the last week, it seemed to explode overnight! Suddenly, the squash leaves were as big as my head, the cantaloup was vining everywhere, and the tomatoes were in need of some cages to help wrangle and straighten them out. So this past Sunday, Tom, my parents and I rolled up our proverbial sleeves (it was waaaayy too hot for actual sleeves) and got to work fixing up the veggie garden. We removed the netting that was keeping out the deer, set up the cages, and tied up the drooping tomatoes. Then Tom rigged up some posts so we could turn the draped netting into a “fence” around the garden.

Taken June 5, right after we dug the garden

Taken June 26 (exactly 3 weeks later!)

I think it’s looking pretty good! I’ll be excited if we get 1 tomato out of all this!