Make these pretty Valentine's Cupcake Toppers in minutes!

Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers

Make these pretty Valentine's Cupcake Toppers in minutes!

Who couldn’t use a little extra love, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner?

I’ve been experimenting with some of the new art and drawing supplies I got for Christmas, and came up with these sweet and easy-to-DIY Valentine’s cupcake toppers. They’re a simple way to add an extra shot of love to your day!

I talked a little bit about these amazing Faber-Castell Gelatos back in January when I shared this journal cover. They remind me of oil pastels and they are very versatile. I absolutely love the effect created when they’re blended together, and that’s the technique I used to create these Valentine’s cupcake toppers.


I selected a range of Gelatos in peach, varying pinks, lavender and red. Then I scribbled each color onto a scrap of paper and began blending them together with my finger. This is where these Gelatos become really fun – the range and depth of colors created by blending them is so beautiful. You can create streaks of lighter or darker colors, or an ombre effect. You can blend two colors together to create something new. These are so simple you use, you really can’t screw it up. And the effects are just gorgeous (at least to me!). I can’t get enough of these creamy, pinky-peach hues!


Once I’d punched out several hearts with a paper punch, I used photo adhesive stickers to tape two hearts together (double-sided tape would work well, too). Then just stick a toothpick through the bottom and these hearts are ready to be used as cupcake toppers.




The different blends of colors are so pretty. I played around a lot with lighter versus darker shades, and mixing peach with red and lavender with pink.


I used these Valentine’s cupcake toppers on the batch of double chocolate cranberry cupcakes (find the recipe here) I made last weekend.


The hubs and I enjoyed indulging in these chocolatey cupcakes, though I don’t think he cared as much about the cute cupcake toppers and I did!



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