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Weekly Wishlist: Spectacular Stencils

While browsing Pinterest recently, I came across a bunch of cool DIY makeovers that can be done with stencils. Stenciling has always seemed kind of old-fashioned to me, probably because I remember my mom stenciling my bedroom, circa 1994. But clearly, this DIY method has been updated to suit more current senses of style.

And now I can’t stop thinking of what and where I’d like to stencil in my own house! My kitchen island, a kitchen backsplash, the back of a bookcase, a ceiling medallion in our dining room or my office (or both!), DIY art panels for our bedroom, and accent wall in our powder room, our entryway… umm, do you think that’s enough to start with?!?

Have you ever tried to stencil anything? A small tabletop or a whole wall? Any tips to share?

Note: I have in no way been compensated for this post by Cutting Edge Stencils. All opinions expressed here are my own.