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Wild Thing

After 7 weeks, it has become pretty clear that I did not give my garden enough space. While my father has always told me that plants grow better when they’re closer together, I think my makeshift square-foot method was too close.

Case in point:

It’s outta control!

The zucchini squash and cantaloupe in front have just started growing under the netting fence. Due to some recent rough winds from a storm, the tomatoes are all leaning precariously forward. The netting fence doesn’t seem to be doing much good at this point! Although maybe it’s keeping the deer and rabbits at bay? I’ve seen plenty of each in our yard, but none of the plants appear to be chewed up or missing from our garden (would I even notice at this point? If they were just nibbling here and there??)

Oh well, even it if looks a bit unruly, the veggies are growing! Tomatoes are cropping up, a few cucumbers are tucked under the leaves, and, what I’m most excited about… a cantaloupe! A baby melon on the vine!

Wahoooooo! I rationalized that if I got one edible melon out of this plant, it’ll have paid for itself, haha!