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Paint-Your-Own Pottery

If you follow me on Instagram (@twopurplecouches), you may have seen this pic pop up a few weeks ago:

ceramic owl

As part of my friend Katie’s recent bachelorette festivities, we painted our own pottery at a place called Color Me Mine. (I think it’s a national chain, so you may be able to find a location near you.)

It’s a pretty cool concept. The studio is stocked with all the supplies you need: pre-made pottery, paints, etc. You select whatever piece you’d like, paint it, and they fire it for you.

I was super-overwhelmed by all of the options offered, from plates and serving platters to teapots, bowls, vases, mugs, and more. And then there was a whole palette of paint colors, plus fancy techniques and accents you could add to your piece. I don’t think it helped that I consumed a large glass of champagne before we arrive. But just to be safe, I’d recommend going stone-cold sober. It would probably help you make decisions 🙂

I was originally going for a vase, but I have tons of vases and don’t really need another one. That’s when the bride-to-be pointed out the OWL options.

ceramic owl

Sold. Give me one of those guys. Love ’em.

I like that he is 1) adorable, 2) colorful and 3) hidden storage!

ceramic owl

ceramic owl

I agree completely, Chip! (his name is Chip, btw)