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Weekly Wishlist: Planners & Organizers

So I realize that 2013 is already underway by a few weeks, but there’s no time like the present to start getting organized!

As much as I love how my iPhone and Macbook talk to each other, I still have to have paper and a pen near me at all times. I’m constantly jotting notes on craft ideas or blog posts, making lists, and writing reminders to myself.

Chalkboard-style typography? Check. Uplifting, optimistic message? Check. The perfect way to start off a new year? Absolutely! via Girl In Gear Studio on Etsy.

These two options by Filofax are perfectly sized to fit into a tote, purse or briefcase, and stylish to boot! Finsbury personal organizer / Domino personal organizer

If you’re more of a notepad person, jot down your thoughts on this snazzy number by Anthropologie. There are plenty of lines to accomodate a to-do list or a shopping list, plus a quirky zebra character to keep you on task.

How do you stay organized? Are you a pen-and-paper person or a digital dandy?