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House Tour: Part 2

I finally seemed to have timed things right in terms of daylight and some much-needed kitchen cleaning. So, are you ready for installment number 2? Today, we’ll be focusing on the rest of the first floor, including the family room / kitchen / pantry / powder room.

Here’s the family room & kitchen table. Check out the blog’s namesake! (I think this is their first appearance! aww!)

On to the kitchen, which is my second favorite room in our house, behind my “library.” When we made our design selections for the flooring, cabinets, and counter tops, we had to choose from small swatches. I was nervous about how it was all going to come together, but I think it turned out pretty nice!

The door that you can see in the photo on the left leads to our garage. If you continue down the hallway, past our kitchen table, you’ll find our walk-in pantry (that’s right, I said walk-in pantry), a powder room, and a coat closet. Please excuse the pantry clutter. I attempted to organize it around the same time that I organized our linen closet, but it has since been overrun. Re-organizing this is definitely on my to-do list, but I haven’t been super motivated to clear it out and start over. It was much easier when we had only been here a month and didn’t have a lot stashed in there yet!

Well, that concludes the first floor! Next up – the second floor! And maybe the garage.

House Tour: Part 1

I guess it’s about time for a house tour, right? Since everything is better / makes more sense with pictures? Well, here are a few pics to get things rolling!

First things first – the exterior! (which you’re probably tired of seeing given all of my outdoorsy photos)

Once inside the front door, you have a straight-shot view to the back of our house / family room.

To the right is the “formal dining room.” Or at least, it will be someday when we finally treat ourselves blow our life savings on a dining set. There’s not much to see here. Just our “mini bar” and some knick-knackery.

To the left is my library / office / study, i.e. The Room I Dream About Daily. Again, not a ton to see here yet, but it’s in better shape than the dining room. At least it contains a desk and a reading chair that I can actually sit at and work / sit in to read a book. We’re planning to install built-ins to the left of the window, along with a picturesque window seat (in order to maximize book-reading nooks in this room). Not sure if my desk will stay against the opposite wall or not. I’m open to layout suggestions!

That’s all for now! Mainly because 1) the evening light is messing up pictures of the family room / kitchen and 2) my kitchen is a mess and by the time I get it cleaned, I won’t have the benefit of natural light (I know, that’s a poor excuse.)

**Note: Let’s call this a preliminary house tour, mainly because I think it’s becoming more evident that I need to take photos with a real camera and not my iPhone, haha! Stay tuned for more house, and (hopefully) better photos!