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Mirror, Mirror On Our Wall

This is probably a silly question, because I know I can’t possibly be alone in this practice, but… Do you ever buy decor for your home without really knowing what you’re going to do with it or where you’re going to put it? You buy it just because you like it and you figure you’ll find a spot for it eventually?

Well, I am guilty of these habits. But I also have a rather pathetic little tale about one item in particular.

I bought this metal mirror from Kohls in early 2007. I had every intention of hanging it up in our first home after we got married. But we never seemed to find the right place for it  – ahem – it took us forever to start hanging things on our walls, and then we gave up when we decided to move.

But today, friends, is an epic day. At least in the life of this little metal decorative mirror from Kohls. For today, this guy finally found his place in life. On a wall. In our home.

Though this didn’t come without it’s hiccups – it was a bit of a process to hunt down the right screws, and then we ended up having to shave them down a bit to get them through the brackets. But at least we got it up! And it only took about 5.5 years! Whew!