Nursery organization ideas you can DIY on a budget. These smart storage ideas for baby will help you save space while creating a stylish nursery.

Nursery Organization Ideas

Nursery organization ideas you can DIY on a budget. These smart storage ideas for baby will help you save space while creating a stylish nursery.

Nursery organization ideas you can DIY on a budget. These smart storage ideas for baby will help you save space while creating a stylish nursery.Nursery organizing can feel overwhelming—how does such a small human need so many things? And where will it all go? You don’t need to go all-out to create a well-organized nursery for your little one; a few simple solutions, like bins and tubs, coupled with some smart DIY projects can help you create a stylish and functional nursery.

Now that we’re getting into the homestretch before Baby K arrives (just about 6 weeks to go!), I’m turning my attention to nursery organization and getting her things in order. We’re making strides as far as setting it up—the walls have been painted, the ceiling fan/fixture has been installed, and her crib is assembled. But beyond that, I’m at a bit of a loss on where to place the remaining furniture (changing table, dresser, chair), and how best to organize all of her things, from diapers to clothes and all the odds ‘n ends in between.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest and fellow bloggers’ websites for inspiration and easy do-it-yourself nursery organization solutions, and I’ve found some fantastic ideas! And the best part is that these ideas really aren’t limited to babies and nurseries; they can work for kids of all ages, and adults, too!

Here are a few of my favorite nursery organization ideas:

A clearly-labeled closet

Baby Boy Nursery Closet / This Is Our Bliss

How to organize a nursery closet / This Is Our Bliss

I am hoping our daughter’s closet looks half this neat and tidy when I’m finished with it! All of the tubs, crates and drawers make it easy to sort small items. My favorite idea here—place all holiday-specific outfits, bibs, etc in a clearly-labeled bin. That way you can easily find them the following year, or when baby #2 comes along.

Make the most of vertical space

Hanging Closet Storage Crates / Table and Hearth

Simple Hanging Closet Storage Crates / Table and Hearth

This DIY vertical storage system is SO smart and perfect for maximizing space in a closet or a corner of the room. These crates are pretty affordable, too, so they’re perfect for staying on budget.

Create a functional display area

Boy Nursery Pegboard / This Is Our Bliss

Nursery Pegboard Gallery Wall / This Is Our Bliss

This is such a neat way to display artwork and decor, but I also love that you can use a pegboard system to create functional storage—like holding diapers and essentials above a changing table.

Decor that does double duty

Modern Bohemian Nursery / Macrame Decor / Craftivity Designs

Macrame Hair Clip Organizer / Craftivity Designs

Since we’re having a girl, I know she’ll be acquiring lots of hair accessories! I like this idea of having them on display while keeping them organized.

Dress up plain storage boxes

Storage Box Makeover - Girl Nursery / Refashionably Late

Simple Storage Box Makeover / Refashionably Late

I don’t know if it’s ever possible to have more than enough storage bins and boxes, but sometimes they’re just so plain! This simple makeover adds just enough style without compromising function!

These are just a few of the nursery organization ideas I’ve been bookmarking lately. Do you have a fantastic tip, trick or project you love for keeping your child’s space in order? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Nursery Organization Ideas

  1. Theresa

    Okay, I’m the furthest thing from organized, neat, or tidy, but I do have one tip. Wait until Baby K arrives to finalize your organization and nursery set up. You may realize that it’s easier to change her here, instead of there. Or have her clothes in open bins instead of drawers so you can hold her while picking out a new outfit.

    Each of my kids has presented new logistical challenges–that I didn’t realize until they arrived! And, as they grow older! (I’m talking little things like adding an extra changing station in the living room, because walking upstairs for every poopy diaper was frustrating. And, adding more toy storage to my 4-year-old’s room. Little things!) We’ve done a lot of rearranging…which may account for the untidiness of my home! Haha!

    1. Two Purple Couches Post author

      Yes!! I am already accounting for time to move things around once she’s here and we figure out our routines! And I’m definitely setting up a changing station in our family room – I don’t want to be constantly running upstairs just to change her diaper!

  2. Erlene

    There are so many fun things to do in a girl’s nursery. I love the macrame hair clip holder idea and the first organized closet a lot. Having the clothes bars doubled up really helps with clothes storage when they’re younger.

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