Girl Boss Events Bridal Pop-Up

Maker Spotlight: Moment 2 Moment and LCN Events

Several weeks ago, I got to attend a Bridal Pop-Up show put on by Girl Boss Events, a group of Cincinnati area-based women-owned small businesses. I first learned about Girl Boss Events last fall when I was invited to come to their Holiday Pop-Up shop and help out with social media coverage for the event. I have since gotten more involved as a member of the group, and had been looking forward to the Bridal Pop-Up for months.

Girl Boss Events Bridal Pop-Up

Now, you might be thinking, “Emily. You’re married. Why were you excited about going to a bridal event?” Well, you’re right. I have been very happily married for 12 (!) years to my hubs. (Incidentally, our anniversary was the day after the Pop-Up show!). But I was super excited for the event because I knew it would be an absolutely lovely day, full of community and creativity, and I was not disappointed!

My favorite part about local events like this is meeting other small biz owners and creatively-minded women. And, in the case of this Bridal Pop-Up, it was fun to imagine what my wedding would be like if I were getting married in 2019 instead of 2007. It’s always fun to plan a dream wedding, right?

floral arrangement

Where were you in 2007? I was a 22-year-old who was ready to tackle adulthood. I had recently graduated college, moved home, was hunting for the job that would begin my career, hunting for the home I’d share with my future husband, and planning, organizing and DIY-ing the wedding that would celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Overwhelmed is a understatement. (Though I didn’t realize at the time.)

And Pinterest didn’t even exist yet!

Looking back, it would have been smart for me to hire an event planner or coordinator to help me manage all of the moving parts of our big day. But at the time, I thought I could handle it all myself.

If I were a 2019 bride, I would bring in the help of someone like Courtney Shale of LCN Events or Kelly Sullivan of Moment 2 Moment Events.

I chatted with both of these ladies at the Bridal Pop-Up about what they offer to their brides and clients, and it was clear that their skills and services far outweigh what I thought I possessed in 2007!

LCN Events

Whether you’re getting married in Ohio, Oregon, or Oxford, UK, Courtney is here to help make your dream wedding happen. She puts the focus on the couple and their story. She works hard to match couples with the best vendors to help bring their vision for their big day to life, and also takes care of managing all of the last minute details.

LCN Events booth

I love that a big part of her focus is working to find the vendors that match your visions and dreams for your big day. Looking back, I think this was one of the more challenging parts of planning our own wedding. We went on the recommendation of friends and family, and tried to vet out vendors using the information and reviews we could find online (which wasn’t as robust as it is today). I remember going through lots of photographers’ websites because we wanted someone with a more candid style, and that just wasn’t as common when we got married.

Moment 2 Moment Events

Kelly’s goal is to bring your vision for your big moment to life. Whether it’s the moment you say “I do” or the moment you surprise a loved one with a birthday party, Kelly can help you create it, coordinate it, and style it.

Moment 2 Moment Events booth

While Moment 2 Moment certainly specializes in weddings, Kelly’s skills aren’t reserved just for brides! She works with a variety of clients to help them plan for the big events in their lives, whether it’s a milestone birthday (often a surprise party!), extra special shower or anniversary party, and even corporate events.

I know I often fall into the trap of feeling like I need to do all the things myself. But after talking with Courtney and Kelly, it’s clear that some tasks are best left to the pros—especially when it comes to planning a big and special event!

Now, I want to hear from you—do you typically delegate/hire planners to help with a big event or wedding? Or are you like me and take on all the responsibility (and stress) yourself?