Mail Call

I think it’s safe to assume that pretty much everybody struggles with mail cluttering up their kitchen/office/home. In our old home, our kitchen had a counter-height bar, which was conveniently located just inside the front door. And it soon became a haven for our daily mail. Piles would develop quickly, and practically take root for days (ahem, or weeks).

The same thing has started happening on the kitchen island in our new home. And I’m determined not to let it take over! So, I turned to two of my favorite sources for creative organizing inspiration – IHeartOrganizing and Pinterest.

These two ideas immediately caught my eye, both for the filing but also for their style! I’m definitely one of those people who demands that function also be stylish.

With these in mind, I headed to Target to hunt for file folders and a bin/basket. Then, I turned to IHeartOrganizing to get ideas for categories and sorting. Jen is amazingly organized. I wish she could come to my house and put me through an Organizing Bootcamp! (Remember how her tips helped whip my linen closet into shape?)

I decided what we needed based on the type of mail we receive and the items that easily get lost, like stamps or restaurant coupons, labeled the folders…

and voila! A kitchen countertop mail system!

The canvas tote (similar one here) and file folders are from Target. The pencil holder is blown glass and was made by my cousin, Laurel (visit her website here).

So far, it seems to be working out pretty well for us. What’s your solution for countertop clutter?

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