In Da Ground

Or, what I planted in my veggie bed.

Last weekend, we built an awesome raised cedar bed for vegetables. And this weekend, I filled it with plants! Here’s a look at what I planted:

planted veggie bed

I’m proud to say that I grew most of these from seed (remember my dining room set-up?). In particular, the cucumber and all of the tomatoes. I forgot to buy bell pepper seeds, and my zucchini squash seeds refused to grow, so I just bought these more mature plants at local nurseries. Here’s hoping Operation HomeGrown Eats 2013 is a success!

Oh, and we added the border of small white rocks around the bed so we don’t get weeds growing up the side and trying to take it over.

2 thoughts on “In Da Ground

  1. teddyandtottie

    There’s something special about raised veggie beds – and this one is grand indeed! Hope you get to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour!

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