Hooray for Haven!

future haven maven

It. Has. Come!

I have been waiting for this day since I registered on the morning of January 1st. I never thought August would get here! But. It. Is. Here. HERE!

Haven Conference

Today, I leave for Haven a Newbie and on Sunday, I’ll return a Maven! This has got to be some sort of Blogger Bildungsroman (10 points to anyone who can tell me what a bildungsroman is without Googling it first).

I cannot wait to meet other bloggers, learn about community-building, friend-making, diy decorating, and all the ins and outs of planning, designing, advertising, sponsorships, and more. I hope I’m not building this up too much in my mind (because I have a tendency to do that), but I think this is going to be a life-changing weekend. A mind-blowing weekend. A rock-your-socks-off weekend.

Brang it on, ya’ll! I’m ready!

Want to follow along on my Haven adventures? Check out my Instagram feed, where I’m sure I’ll be posting an obnoxious amount of photos 🙂

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