I’m Kind of a Big Deal

Imagine my surprise as I (finally) sit down and flip through the pages of the July/August issue of HGTV Magazine and see this…

HGTV magazine July/August 2013 issue

Yup. That’s my project. HGTV MAGAZINE PRINTED MY PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commence dancing about and shouting “I’m in a magazine” at random strangers (true story).

holy crap!

Does this make me famous? Maybe not. Probably not.

But is it the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me (after my 12-year-old self meeting her country music idol Bryan White)? Definitely.

Soooooo, yeah. Do I frame the whole page, or just this section of the page?

>>Want to read the harrowing diy details for yourself? Check out my original post here.

17 thoughts on “I’m Kind of a Big Deal

  1. ceruleanstarshine

    Frame the whole page!
    It’s funny I was just looking at that pic last night at my mom’s house..I was like, that table is awesome. I love purple. Congrats!

  2. A Pinterest Addict

    That is fabulous! I remember seeing it – it’s the only magazine I read cover to cover the day it comes in the mail! Did you know they would be using your project? Did you send it to them, or did they approach you? Super cool! I would frame the whole page. And add an extra copy of the magazine behind it, so it never gets lost. (that would totally happen to me!) Congratulations!

    1. twopurplecouches

      Thank you so much! I submitted my project to them a few months ago, but I had no idea they’d print it!! I’ve been checking each issue as soon as I get it out of my mailbox, and this was the one time I didn’t! I may just buy a safe to keep this copy in, hahaha!

  3. Beth & Bill @ B & B Build A Life

    WAAAAAHHHHooooooo! That’s fantastic! Congratulations! Totally frame the whole thing – sounds like some great ‘artwork’ for a craft room! 😉 And then hoard a few extra copies of course. For the grand kids some day. Heehee!

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