Garden 2013: First Look

I love this time of the year because it means gearing up for planting flowers and watching all of the blossoms emerge. We’ve had some crazy weather here in Cincinnati, so my flowering bushes are taking their sweet time to show some buds. My Knockout Roses seems to be the only thing close to blooming:

Knockout Rose

I’m hoping the weather holds out this weekend or next for us to build a couple of raised beds for my veggie garden. Last year, we cleared a spot and added topsoil, but things got a little unruly, plus heavy rains washed the soil out into the yard. So I decided that raised beds are in order for this year.

homegrown strawberries

In the meantime, a strawberry plant has taken over last year’s veggie plot. I was planning to uproot it, but there are a decent amount of baby berries growing! So maybe I’ll leave it. Or transplant it? Not sure if that will work too well.

Are you growing your own this year? What’s your favorite fresh veggie or herb to cook with? I love basil, tomatoes and cilantro!

3 thoughts on “Garden 2013: First Look

  1. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    I cannot wait for my roses to start blooming. The buds are just beginning to form. I love spring as well. It is so cool to watch the earth come alive after winter. We build a raised bed for our garden a couple of years ago. It makes gardening much easier. Produce should start coming soon!

      1. Jessica@CapeofDreams

        We did 8 x 12 feet. It fits a LOT of produce. That size works best because we only get sun in the center, but I would prefer a narrower and perhaps longer bed. Make sure to buy untreated wood. I bought treated first because it would be outside. Then, I read that the chemicals would leech into the produce, so we had to go and buy more wood.

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