Fall Pinterest Challenge: Holiday Ornament Wreath

When Sherry at Young House Love. issued the Fall Pinterest Challenge last Tuesday, I eagerly accepted… Annnnd then later that day I found myself in the acrylic paint aisle at Michaels, completely overwhelmed and unable to decide which Pinterest project I should finally take on. Ack. Cue crafting meltdown.

After recovering, thanks to the help of some Panera mac ‘n cheese, I thought it’d be smart to get a head-start on some Christmas crafts, since that’s what I’ve been pinning a lot of lately.

Ornament Wreath Collage

The winner? An Ornament Wreath. The inspiration? This one, and this one.

Except mine would be all in silvers and whites to fit into the sparkly scheme I’m dreaming up for our mantle/family room this Christmas.

After reading up on some other bloggers’ tutorials to gauge how many ornaments I’d need (answer: a ton), I shopped around hoping to find some all-silver sets including small, medium and large sizes. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, but Hobby Lobby had the next best thing – a set of 50 medium ornaments in various silvers for $19.99 plus 40% off! They also had color-coordinated sets of smaller ornaments.

I pretty much followed the instructions from Deep Fried Kudzu, starting with spray-painting a 14″ foam wreath so that the green parts wouldn’t show through. I used Krylon Brushed Metallics Satin Finish in Nickel.

ornament wreath supplies - Two Purple Couches

Once dry, I flipped the wreath over so the back of it would face me while I worked. I removed all of the ornament caps, then started gluing the largest ones around the outer edge of the wreath, just like so:

ornament wreath progress - Two Purple Couches

I was relieved when the ornaments were nearly-perfectly spaced around the outer edge! Yesss! I didn’t even count that out in advance!

Then I did the inner circle. I decided to use up some remaining large ornaments, with a few mediums throw in for good measure.

Ornament wreath rows - Two Purple Couches

I waited a bit until everything seemed dry and secure. Then I flipped the wreath over and plotted out a “pattern” of medium and small ornaments. Here’s why my photo-taking fell apart. Sorry. I was in the Glue Zone.

So, here’s the finished product. Ta-da!

ornament wreath - Two Purple Couches

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pleased with myself for completing a Christmas craft before November! I am never this on-the-ball! And before you ask, no, I do not have any gift-shopping completed yet. Priorities, people!


Come back in December to see how my Sparkly Winter Wonderland theme pans out. This wreath will surely be taking center-stage.

And now, a few stats to round out this post:

Total Number of Ornaments Used – about 100! Broken down by size: 27 small, 50 medium, and 24 large. I think it was enough. Honestly, you could probably keep gluing ornaments to each other until the cows come home!

Total Number of Glue-Gun Burns – only 1!

Total Project Cost – about $35

DIY Ornament Wreath - Holiday Wreath - Two Purple Couches

You can find my Pinterest Holiday Decor board here, or all of my Pinterest boards here.

Thanks for reading! Now go check out the other great projects from the Fall Pinterest Challenge Hostesses!

Sherry @ Young House Love / Sarah @ Ugly Duckling House / Katie @ BowerPower / Carmel @ Our Fifth House

I’m already getting ideas together for the Winter Challenge 😉

I’m also sharing this DIY at:
The Shabby Nest

Home for the Holidays 2012

22 thoughts on “Fall Pinterest Challenge: Holiday Ornament Wreath

    1. twopurplecouches

      Thank you!! Haha, yea, I am pretty excited that I already have a holiday craft checked off the list. I would definitely make another one again. It was a little time consuming to glue each ornament down, but so worth it!

  1. Sarah @ The Ugly Duckling House

    Great job. I tried to do this last year but I think because I used all of the same ornaments, I got bored with the project and stopped before finishing. Plus, I really burned the crap out of my finger. So, had a beer instead. And now I wish I’d finished after looking at yours!

    1. twopurplecouches

      Awww, thank you! I am always worried about burning my finger. Glue guns make me nervous! I treated myself to a beer when I finished. It seemed well-deserved 🙂 If you try your wreath over again, I’d love to see how it turns out!

  2. Danielle

    Beautiful! Warning-I made one last year and stored it in my hot attic-all the glue melted and now I have a wreath box full of loose ornaments. Not sure if I have the energy to remake it this year. Make sure you store it somewhere that is relatively climate controlled after the holidays!

    1. twopurplecouches

      Oh no! Glue guns usually work on anything! Honestly, I’m a little nervous that hot glue isn’t a good long-term solution for this wreath, so I guess I’ll see what happens!

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