DIY Utensil Tins

DIY Utensil Tins

One tiny little part of my quest to re re-organize my pantry is to better contain and store the mess of plastic picnic utensils that seem to spill everywhere. They never fit back into the box they came in, some boxes don’t have the tabs to re-close them, and sometimes, tape just isn’t the best solution.

Enter that lifesaving duo, Mod Podge & Scrapbook Paper, that I used to whip up a set of cute utensil tins.

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My mom generously donated these tins to me while cleaning out her kitchen. While I love pigs and butterflies as much as the next gal, these—ahem—aren’t exactly my style. Nothing a bit o’ Podge and Paper can’t handle!

Due to my lack of photographing whilst podging, written instructions will have to suffice:

– Start with a tin and paper or fabric.

– Measure paper to fit your tin. (For the square tin… the length of the paper wasn’t enough to fully wrap around the tin, so I had to improvise with two pieces of paper that overlap. It looks pretty wonky on one side. But… just turn that one to the back!)

– Brush Mod Podge directly onto tin, then slowly apply paper and work your way around. I found it easier to Podge a section, apply paper, Podge, then paper, Podge, then paper, and so on.

– Once you’ve covered your tin, apply a coat or two of Mod Podge to seal it all in, letting it dry between coats.

I didn’t do anything fancy to finish off the top edge. I probably should have left some extra paper and wrapped it around to the inside of the tin. But… well, we all know sometimes I cut crafting corners 😉

diy utensil tins

Now all you gotta do is invite a few friends over, fire up the grill, and have a party!

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