construction paper sprinkles on paper lantern

DIY Paper Lantern Ice Cream Cones

Paper lantern ice cream cones are an easy DIY decoration for a baby shower or ice cream party. Learn how to make them with this simple tutorial.

construction paper sprinkles on paper lantern

Hosting an ice cream social or ice cream themed shower? These paper lantern ice cream cones make the sweetest DIY party decorations! My simple tutorial will show you how to make your own ice cream party decor using paper lanterns and a few other materials.

If you saw the recap of the ice cream themed baby shower I hosted, then you got a glimpse of these cute paper lantern ice cream cones. Click here to see more from the Here’s the Scoop Baby Shower. They added scoops of fun to our ice cream party & were fairly easy to DIY. Keep reading for the full instructions…

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How to make paper lantern ice cream cones

Materials Needed:


1.) Carefully assemble the paper lantern according to the package instructions. Work with the top of the lantern facing you.

2.) Cut construction paper into strips measuring about 0.5-inches wide by 2-inches long. Use a variety of colors to coordinate with your party colors. Instead of the traditional rainbow, I opted for more pastel-inspired pinks, purple, yellow, cream and mint to fit the ice cream baby shower I was throwing for a little girl on the way. I used my Fiskars Paper Trimmer and was able to cut plenty of sprinkles in a short amount of time.

attaching sprinkles to paper lantern

3.) Use the Double-sided Tape Runner to attach each sprinkle to the top of each paper lantern. Cover about 1/3 of the lantern with sprinkles.

4.) To make the cones for your paper lantern ice cream cones, start by making a template. (I searched online for instructions on how to make a cone and scaled it to fit my paper lanterns). Trace it onto the Postal Wrapping Paper to make as many cones as you need and cut out with scissors. Use a brown marker and a ruler (optional) to draw a grid on each cone so it looks like a sugar cone once assembled.

drawing waffle lines on cone shape

5.) Assemble cones and secure with double-sided tape runner and a staple or two.

assembling cone shape

6.) Use a hot glue gun to attach each paper lantern “scoop of ice cream” to a cone. Allow glue to dry overnight before hanging up the paper lantern ice cream cones.


I hung a few of these paper lantern ice cream cones around our house. I saved two to hang from the construction paper awning I made to fit over this chalkboard, which I turned into a Scoop Shop sign. They looked so cute, I was a little sad to take them down after the baby shower!

paper lantern ice cream cone decorations

finished paper lantern ice cream cone

Want to see another cute paper lantern DIY project? Check out these Paper Lantern Jellyfish I made for my daughter’s narwhal-themed first birthday.


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