Dare to DIY: Give Homemade

I’m reaching back into the “archives” for this week’s Dare to DIY: give homemade challenge.

Over the summer, I pinned this jewelry DIY from the Martha Stewart blog as a way to keep myself occupied during our 12+ hour drive to Florida. I made two necklaces, and nearly lost all of the wooden beads in the car when we made a sudden stop.

All you need is some plastic lanyard lacing (remember all those summer camp crafts??) and beads. You could probably use silk cord or ribbon, and other types of beads. I just went off of the instructions on the MS blog.


I ended up improvising a bit when I had trouble looping the two strands back through the lacing.




I had fun playing with the color combos and dreaming up outfits that my new neon necklaces would go with.

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8 thoughts on “Dare to DIY: Give Homemade

  1. Biz

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!
    You really made me giggle!
    I love this idea for a necklace, I think one you have pictured last is my favorite.
    It is such a fun color combo and a great mix of mediums!

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