Crafty Supermarket Steals

I sure hope that if you live anywhere near the Cincinnati area, I mean, like, in a 100-mile radius, that you popped into the Crafty Supermarket this weekend.

I did, obviously. Because I am obsessed with curated handmade goods.

And these are some of the goodies I snagged:

crafty supermarket goodies

From L to R: punny card by Buck and Libby / deco-inspired triangle earrings by 1337motif / gold nugget studs by Audrey Laine Collection / half-moon hand-stamped pottery necklace by Natasha J Collection

There were so many other amazing artists and items that were tempting me, but I had to show *some* restraint.

Oh, and is this not the coolest business card you’ve ever seen?

the wind and the sail business card

The lady in question is Laura, the woman behind the adorable this adorable shop called The Wind and The Sail, and she makes the friggin’ cutest stuffed animals. I nearly bought one for myself. Just because. I mean, she had a stuffed narwhal! Why oh why did I pass up the narwhal!?!

If you went, what did you snag at the Crafty Supermarket this weekend? If you’re not in the Cincy area (and I’m sorry you’re not!), did you crash an equally awesome indie craft show?

9 thoughts on “Crafty Supermarket Steals

  1. gracedobush

    Thanks for the writeup! That business card is AMAZING. Our next show is Nov. 23 in a new location — the Music Hall Ballroom downtown! 😀

    1. twopurplecouches

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for stopping by to read it! I adore everything about Crafty Supermarket 🙂 I just wish I’d known about it a few years ago!
      I’m so excited for Music Hall in the Fall!!

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