Building a Raised Vegetable Bed

cedar raised vegetable bed

We (okay, I) decided that this year, the vegetable garden was going to get a facelift. In the form of a raised vegetable bed! Tom was on board more so because he likes to build things than because he shares my vision of “living off the land”. I’m still trying to convince him of how awesome it would be to clear some of our overgrown woods and put in an apple orchard.

After some debate and internet research, we (okay, I) decided (won) that cedar would be the way to go. I don’t have a fancy step-by-step to give you of how we (Tom) built this thing.

All I know is that I got to use the saw (powah tools!), Tom built a box with legs, and I spent most of the project working in the yard digging up some dead bulbs I planted last fall. Obviously, I wouldn’t have planted them if I’d realized they were dead.


angled cut building a garden bed building a garden bed finished garden bed

Once the building was done, we had to figure out how to level the ground where the box was going to go. This is where things got dicey/complicated/frustrating. I don’t have any pictures of this process. Or evidence of the questionable language I was hurling at the rocks embedded in the soil. I was too hot, sweaty, thirsty, dirty, and hangry to even think about grabbing my camera.

After we dug for what seemed like hours without much progress, we decided that the anchor stakes (legs) were too long. I swore, said I was done with this project. Tom got out his circular saw and shaved them down to a more manageable few inches. Thank goodness. Or we’d still be digging that trench in our yard.

Once we got the box “secured” in the ground, we shoveled all the dirt back in. Then we topped the new raised vegetable bed off with a few bags each of gardening topsoil and organic matter (i.e. compost and manure). Then we collapsed, showered, and ordered pizza before dragging our aching bodies to bed.

raised garden bed

But? It was totally worth it.

Just look at that gorgeous thang! If only you could smell the cedar, too!

Oh, if you’re curious, this puppy measures in at 6-ft long, 2-ft wide and 1-ft deep.


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