Simple and welcoming outdoor front porch decor for the Fall season

Autumn Outdoor Porch Decor

Outdoor Porch Decor for the Autumn season featuring classic, colorful mums, pumpkins and other simple and beautiful Fall planters!

Simple and welcoming outdoor front porch decor for the Fall season

I turned to a few Fall classics to create my Autumn Outdoor Porch Decor and now our front porch feels refreshed and ready for the season! Of course, I had to incorporate mums and pumpkins into my DIY decorating. I also love adding pansies and cabbage to my fall planters for a vibrant mix of colors and textures.

As I mentioned when I shared my Autumn Mantel, getting back into some DIY and decorating has been a welcome creative escape since our daughter was born. At times, when I am constantly working around our house or thinking of how I “should” change our decor throughout the year, it almost begins to feel like a chore. But when I go for long stretches without doing a bit of redecorating or a crafty project, I remember how much joy it brings me and how grateful I am to be able to share these things with all of you!

I feel the same way about digging in the dirt, and just the simple act of refreshing our porch planters made me giddy for the Fall season to get underway! It’s the little things in the life, right?

Outdoor porch decor with mums, pumpkins, and fall planters

For this year’s Autumn outdoor porch decor, I kept things to a simple equation: mums + pansies + pumpkins + porch sign = Festive! Year after year, I’ve used pretty much the same elements to create my Fall porches, but reimagining how they pair up and come together gives it a fresh look each year. You can find my Fall porch decor from the past two years here: 2017 / 2016.

Click here for the tutorial for this large Welcome sign.

Simple fall planters of mums look so pretty for this Autumn outdoor porch decor

Simple, farmhouse-inspired outdoor porch decor for the Autumn season

Pretty pansies and pumpkins feature in this outdoor porch decor for Fall

Beautiful, colorful display of mums and fall planters. Easy ideas for your outdoor front porch decorating.

Love this cute pumpkin stack and the rest of this outdoor porch decor! I can totally do this on my own front porch for Fall!


Today I am joining some of my best blogging friends as we all share our Fall porch decorations with you! There are a few Halloween porches as well! All of our porches are linked below. We invite you to hop around, visit our sites, and share some of your favorites!

Decorate Your Porch: Fall Edition 2018

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