Absolutely Necessary Unnecessities

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve got pinboards full of unnecessities that you don’t know how you’ll live without. My latest find? This handsome fellow:

sugarboo pillow via onekingslane
by Sugarboo designs via One King’s Lane

I mean, come on! A pachyderm in a bowler cap? How could you live without this? How could you not see it on your sofa and immediately grin from ear to ear? How could you have a bad day, come home, and not have your mood instantly turn around at the sight of this pillow? I know my life would never be the same if this were to make its way into my living room… (ahem)… (Tom…?)

But. It’s $110. Which is an absolute ridiculous amount of money to spend on a throw pillow. Even an elephant-in-a-bowler pillow. At least in my mind.