Have some pretty gift bags or shopping bags? Save them and make this super simple gift bag framed art in minutes!

5-Minute Gift Bag Framed Art

Have some pretty gift bags or shopping bags? Save them and make this super simple gift bag framed art in minutes!

One of my favorite things to do when I take a trip to the mall is to stop by and browse through Anthropologie. Their stores always smell incredible, and I love to take my time walking through each section, getting inspired by the beautiful styling, props and merch for sale. But another thing I am loving lately about Anthropologie is their shopping bags! They are gorgeous! I’ve been hanging onto a couple because I can’t bear to throw them in our recycling bin. While I was hunting around the house for artwork for my new craft room (reveal coming soon!), I remembered I’d been hoarding these and decided to turn one into a pretty piece of gift bag framed art.

This is a super simple, and fast project – I am not kidding you with the “5-Minute” description! This bag has the same design on both sides, and instead of just framing the whole bag, I wanted to cut away one of the panels. I may end up framing the other panel as well.

DIY gift bag framed art idea

To create my gift bag framed art, I cut along the centers of the short sides of the bag with a pair of scissors, following the fold:

cut bag along folds on short side

Then I cut slits along the “V” shapes at the bottom:

cut bag along "V" folds at bottom

After making these cuts, I flattened out the whole bag so it looked like this:

flattened gift bag

Then I used a craft knife to carefully cut away one of the panels and remove the string from the top, and finally trimmed the edges until it fit snug into a frame.

trim bag with craft knife

And voila! My framed gift bag art is done!

LOVE this simple idea to frame pretty shopping bags! Awesome DIY art idea!

Isn’t it beautiful!? Those watery turquoise-y colors make me smile every time I look at it! I’m considering framing the other large panel, but flipping it upside down and hanging them side-by-side. It might make for a neat pair of artwork, don’t you think?

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Make gorgeous artwork in minutes (and for next to nothing!) by framing pretty shopping bags!


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  1. Jenn

    This is great! In the January issue of Style At Home I saw this very thing. An interior designer’s closet was featured and she had framed pretty shopping bags from memorable purchases as a centrepiece in her closet.

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