Make your own kitchen trivet - great idea for a house warming or wedding gift! Simple step-by-step tutorial at

Mosaic Tile DIY Trivet

Make your own kitchen trivet - great idea for a house warming or wedding gift! Simple step-by-step tutorial at

In keeping with all of the Swap It Like It’s Hot fun happening this week, I’m sharing how I turned this pineapple wall plaque into a kitchen trivet using glass mosaic tiles. If you have a random wood wall plaque or scrap of wood lying around and want to make your own DIY trivet, then today is your lucky day (wink).

While this might look tricky or involved, it’s quite a simple project. And I think these would make great gifts, especially for a bridal shower or house warming!

Here’s a look at all of the items I received from Christy at Our Southern Home. You can see how I transformed the oval frames into pumpkins here.


The pineapple wall plaque immediately struck me as being the perfect size for a kitchen trivet, and I thought topping it with glass mosaic tiles might be a neat look. I had a bunch of tiles leftover from this side table makeover, and I’ve been wanting to find a way to use them for a while now.

thrifted wood wall plaque

I did need to trim about a half-inch off of two edges to square things up, and once I did that, I gave the wood plaque two coats of black acrylic craft paint.

Create mosaic tile design

While my paint dried, I played around with the tiles until I’d arranged a layout that I liked. I decided on a random pattern instead of something super symmetrical.

hot glue tiles to trivet

I used hot glue to glue each tile down to the board until my trivet was complete! And I managed to make it through this step without any hot glue gun burns! Yay!

Mosaic Tile Trivet via

Now all that was left was to pop a felt pad onto each bottom corner of the board, and my trivet was ready to take the heat from my casserole dishes!

Cute DIY trivet made with glass mosaic tiles. via www.

Detail of Mosaic Tile DIY Trivet. via

So, now I want to know… what would you have created with this wood plaque?

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