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DIY Mother’s Day Print

framed print

Hello there! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Today I’m sharing a little gift made for my mom: a diy Mother’s Day print.

I’ve known for a few weeks that I wanted to make something for my Mom but I wasn’t sure what it should say. I finally settled on this phrase. Which is actually quite appropriate because my parents are moving in a few months (out of what is pretty much my childhood home. i’m adjusting to the idea…)

First I started with a sketch:

letter sketch

Then I translated it onto a higher quality sketchpad paper. I’ve used acrylic paint and a paintbrush to do lettering for some previous prints, but I wanted to try something different and easier to handle this time. I chose a broad-tipped opaque marker from Michael’s Crafts (from their Recollections brand). I would have preferred a paint pen, but I could only find them white, silver, and gold. (anyone know of any paint pen brands that come in colors??)

home is where your mom is

And there you have it! Just pop it in a frame and boom!… Instant Gift! Did you diy something for your mom/grandma/friend/special person for Mother’s Day?

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Just a little “Public Service Announcement”



You DO NOT want to miss this weekend’s Crafty Supermarket event! There will be tons of awesome artists, curated handmade goods, and delectable local eats.

So get yourselfs to Clifton.

And maybe I’ll see you there!

Umba Box: April Edition

Umba Box April 2013

Have I already gushed endlessly about Umba Box? I hope so, because I am in love. I can’t get enough curated handmade goods!

If you like curated handmade goods and surprises, then you’d probably like Umba Box!

Clockwise from the top:

luggage tag by Lovell Designs /suitcase illustrated postcard by Sarah Doriani / tangerine shampoo bar by Scum Soaps / solid lotion stick by Rinse Soap Co. / granola by SoSoft 7 Nola / Ahoy  postcard by Maple & Belmont

A Welcoming Bouquet

welcome home bouquet

Our newlywed friends returned home from their honeymoon this past weekend, and we had the privilege of picking them up from the airport. We knew they were coming home to a mostly-empty fridge and pantry, so we made up a little “Welcome Home” fruit basket and bouquet. Not exactly a fully-stocked pantry, but at least there are snacks at hand.

fruit basket

Paint-Your-Own Pottery

If you follow me on Instagram (@twopurplecouches), you may have seen this pic pop up a few weeks ago:

ceramic owl

As part of my friend Katie’s recent bachelorette festivities, we painted our own pottery at a place called Color Me Mine. (I think it’s a national chain, so you may be able to find a location near you.)

It’s a pretty cool concept. The studio is stocked with all the supplies you need: pre-made pottery, paints, etc. You select whatever piece you’d like, paint it, and they fire it for you.

I was super-overwhelmed by all of the options offered, from plates and serving platters to teapots, bowls, vases, mugs, and more. And then there was a whole palette of paint colors, plus fancy techniques and accents you could add to your piece. I don’t think it helped that I consumed a large glass of champagne before we arrive. But just to be safe, I’d recommend going stone-cold sober. It would probably help you make decisions 🙂

I was originally going for a vase, but I have tons of vases and don’t really need another one. That’s when the bride-to-be pointed out the OWL options.

ceramic owl

Sold. Give me one of those guys. Love ’em.

I like that he is 1) adorable, 2) colorful and 3) hidden storage!

ceramic owl

ceramic owl

I agree completely, Chip! (his name is Chip, btw)