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I’m Kind of a Big Deal

Imagine my surprise as I (finally) sit down and flip through the pages of the July/August issue of HGTV Magazine and see this…

HGTV magazine July/August 2013 issue

Yup. That’s my project. HGTV MAGAZINE PRINTED MY PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commence dancing about and shouting “I’m in a magazine” at random strangers (true story).

holy crap!

Does this make me famous? Maybe not. Probably not.

But is it the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me (after my 12-year-old self meeting her country music idol Bryan White)? Definitely.

Soooooo, yeah. Do I frame the whole page, or just this section of the page?

>>Want to read the harrowing diy details for yourself? Check out my original post here.

DIY Utensil Tins

DIY Utensil Tins

One tiny little part of my quest to re re-organize my pantry is to better contain and store the mess of plastic picnic utensils that seem to spill everywhere. They never fit back into the box they came in, some boxes don’t have the tabs to re-close them, and sometimes, tape just isn’t the best solution.

Enter that lifesaving duo, Mod Podge & Scrapbook Paper, that I used to whip up a set of cute utensil tins.

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Weekend Recap

We had an awesome Memorial Day holiday weekend; I hope you did as well! The weather was amazing and we spent SO much time outside.

Nature's Corner nursery, Delhi, OH

We kicked off the weekend at my favorite local nursery, Nature’s Corner, to stock up on some blooms for the front and back yard.

flowers at the nursery

Planting day is my favorite day of the year. I love soaking up all the inspiration at the nursery, ambling through the aisles to discover all sorts of flowers and dreaming up colorful combinations for containers and hanging baskets and yet-to-be-planted beds.

flower swag

We came home with quite a haul (this is a little more than half). I’ll be sharing how I planted these suckers over the next week. Trust me, you’ll want to come back for that 😉

Reds Baseball at Great American Ballpark

We also took in a Reds game. I had some soft-serve ice cream (with sprinkles!) and Tom and I split some nachos. So it was a great game 😉 I hope your weekend was equally awesome!

Stop back later today! I’ll be sharing what I planted in my veggie bed!

Building a Raised Vegetable Bed

cedar raised vegetable bed

We (okay, I) decided that this year, the vegetable garden was going to get a facelift. In the form of a raised vegetable bed! Tom was on board more so because he likes to build things than because he shares my vision of “living off the land”. I’m still trying to convince him of how awesome it would be to clear some of our overgrown woods and put in an apple orchard.

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Bye Bye Beige: Part 1

I got up Saturday morning, went to the first City Flea of the season, and came home to a fully painted half-bath! Whoo! No more beige in the bathroom!

(Apologies for the dark photos; there is no natural light in this hallway/bathroom; it is perpetually dark)

painted half bath painted half bath painted hallway

The color is French Lilac by Behr.

Still on the Painting To-Do List:

– paint the kitchen (also in French Lilac)

– paint entryway and family room (Natural Gray by Behr)

– paint my office (Cathedral Gray by Behr)

– paint our bedroom and bath (tbd)

– paint stairwell, bonus room, and upstairs hallway (tbd)