Things I’m Putting Off, But Desperately Need To Do

1. Reorganize our pantry. I got off to a good start at the beginning of the year, hauling home a huge amount of totes and bins from Target, but due to other members of the family not paying attention to my system (Tom, I’m looking at you), it demands a re-do. Our pantry has also become […]

Did you know you can use watercolor paints on wood? Use inexpensive store-bought signs to create your own wood plaque art for your home!

Watercolor Wood Plaque Art

Do you ever happen upon the clearance aisle at the craft store, fill your cart with all sorts of materials and surfaces that scream I-could-do-something-with-this, and then dump them in a drawer when you get home and promptly forget about them? Yeah, me too. I am notorious for bringing home things that I think I can […]

Build your own plant stand with this step-by-step tutorial. This simple DIY indoor wooden plant stand is an easy projects you can make in a weekend.

How to Build a Plant Stand

This wood plant stand has to come in as one of the easiest ever things you can make yourself. I don’t even know if it deserves the qualifier “build” because I barely needed power tools to assemble it! But don’t worry, I’ll still show you the steps I took and share how to build your […]

Gorgeous Steamer Trunk Makeover via

Steamer Trunk Makeover

Back in September, I began my biggest DIY project to-date. This by far outweighs our previous crown moulding projects and window trimming work. This project was full of curveballs, starts and stops, second guesses, and even some bouts of self-doubt. But I pressed on and powered through, and today I’m sharing the before-and-after of my […]