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Do you ever get going on a project and get so wrapped up in it that you don’t fully think things through? This is pretty much the story of my life! I crafted up a bunch of paper pinwheels last weekend and then wound up with no way to hang them! After some Googling and Pinterest searching, I finally figured out a solution. But, before I jump right to that, I thought I’d share a little how to: how to make paper pinwheels (and then how to hang them up and decorate with them!)

Did you know that these little guys go a few different names? Paper pinwheels, paper fans, paper rosettes… Well, whatever you want to call them, they’re pretty easy to make!

Supplies for making your own paper pinwheels / paper rosettes. via

What you’ll need:

– Paper of your choice: book pages, scrapbook paper, etc

– Yarn (or a stapler)

– Mod Podge or glue

Accordion-fold paper to create fans for paper pinwheels. via

First, select your paper and size you want. Larger pages = larger pinwheels. If you’re using book pages, you can trim off the margins if you like. Whatever type of paper you use, just be sure it’s a square. Begin by folding each piece of paper accordion-style, making each fold the same size. Or as close as possible. You can trim off any extra paper.

Fold accordion pages in half. via

Fold your accordion-style page in half.

Glue fan edges together to create paper pinwheels. via

Then join the two halves together. I tied mine together at the fold using yarn, but you could also staple the center folds together.

Now start unfolding the fanned pages, gluing each edge together as you go.

Finished paper pinwheels, paper rosettes. via

And that’s all she wrote! You could add an embellishment to the center if you like, say a button or a circle of paper. I chose to keep mine plain.

Now, if you’re like me, at this point, you’ll try to just slap some masking tape to the backs of each pinwheel and tape them to the wall.

I’ll save you a few minutes—this method doesn’t work.

But, what does work is this… grab a sturdier piece of paper, like cardstock, or better yet, an empty cereal box. Cut circles to fit the backs of your pinwheels, then hot glue them down. Once dry, add loops of painters tape to the back and now you’re good to go!

Hot glue a cardboard disc to the back of each pinwheel. Then use a loop of painters tape to hang. via

My original plan was to turn the small book page pinwheels into a garland, but after I got going, a larger vision came to mind. After packing away our holiday decorations, I wanted to shake up our “usual” decor a bit. And I envisioned a wallfull of pinwheels above our mantel.

Okay, so “wallfull” was a little bit of an exaggeration. Also, I may have run out of scrapbook paper. But I’m loving this look far!

Paper Pinwheel Wall Collage via

I created a few different patterns on the floor before committing to the wall. Though with the painters tape on the back, they’re pretty easy to move and re-position once on the wall.

I’d love to make another batch of these for party decorations, or maybe for a holiday garland next Christmas!

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    1. Two Purple Couches Post author

      Thank you Darla! 12″x12″ sheets of scrapbook paper are perfect; that’s exactly what I used to create the purple and black-and-white pinwheels in this tutorial. As long as the paper is square, you can use any size you want.

      1. Sam

        When you used the 12×12 for the larger ones. How many sheets did you need to use. I tried two and it didn’t look that great. Maybe have to use 4 sheets for the bigger ones?

        1. Two Purple Couches Post author

          Hi Sam, I used two sheets of 12×12 paper for the larger ones. They worked well for me, though maybe stretched just a little tight. I’ve seen other pinwheel tutorials that use 3 or 4 sheets of paper – that may work better? Best of luck!

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